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The MAC Group of Companies:

The Mac Group of companies consists of a diversified business portfolio in the financial, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors of Tanzania and Kenya in East Africa. The group has been creating jobs in Africa since its origin as an import and trading business that was founded in the late 1800’s.

Macs aims to build a long lasting business relationship that would be mutually beneficial to the locals and the company by creating local jobs. They are committed to strengthen Tanzania's economy by providing value added products, attracting revenue and creating jobs in Africa across the value chain.

Mac continuously develops and nurture core competencies, such as better skills and teamwork, creating better work environment. They provide excellent career opportunities to professionals, both local and expatriates for long-term career prospects and growth of the company.

The Group management style is a mix of traditional and professional and they hire the best of experienced professionals at senior, middle management and executive job levels. For Mac, employees are a critical resource and the backbone of all their group companies. They focus on building efficiencies through competition and innovation and employ, train and nurture the best talent in the industry to move forward.

The diversity of their business means they have many roles within their group and have vacancies in Africa for wide number of positions for competent professionals from all disciplines to build their careers in Africa. Mac gives competent, qualified local and expatriate professionals excellent opportunities in sectors such as Engineering, Operations, Banking, IT, Insurance, Agri Business, Supply Chain & logistics.

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