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The Kensta Group:

Kensta Group is a fast growing diversified group company in East Africa into the business of Office Automation, managed IT services, Print and other business interest. They have their operations spread across 5 countries. With their diverse range of print and digital mediums, they consistently and professionally offer effective solutions to their client’s communication needs. 

As a chief provider of this end – to- end communication solutions, Kensta have opened new business frontiers across East African Continent creating more jobs in Africa within their group for different positions of Engineers, Chemists etc.

Having a team of highly skilled professionals, they believe in getting the best and have extended their Job Opportunities to expatriate to increase the talent pool to choose from. With a synergy of businesses they are constantly hiring Senior Management Professional with a technical know- how of the prints and digital mediums. 

Their strong presence in Africa and their constant innovations and initiatives of Going Green have enticed an attracted many Forward thinking businesses to join them, expanding their growing business even further with more prospects of Job creations throughout the African Continent. 

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