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Tata Africa:

The Tata Group is a renowned entity with a diversified portfolio ranging from automobiles to pharmaceutical to Consultancy Services. Their association with Africa has been since 1977 when they set up the Tata Zambia. Later in 1994, they established Tata Africa Holdings with their Headquarter in Johannesburg, South Africa. They now have a wide presence in Africa exploring Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Namibia, Uganda, Mozambique, Malawi, Ghana and South Africa with established businesses in mining products, Steel and hospitality, telecommunications, chemicals and information technology where they have created different careers in Africa

Tata as a Group commits to support the communities in which they operate by promoting the social and economic development through education, entrepreneurship and Health. Tata Africa has contributed to the Economy of the African Continent by not only investing in the Countries but also employing locals and expatriate and continuously creating more Jobs and Vacancies in Africa in different fields and Industries.

They believe in not only providing quality products and services to improve the way of living of its consumers but they also have a vision to create employment opportunities and contribute to the social development of local communities for which they are continuously recognizing development prospects and promoting new projects in Africa in turn adding more Jobs in Kenya, Ghana , Tanzania and all over Africa.

With their strong infrastructure base, qualified manpower, strong marketing capabilities and local knowledge of the markets they have constantly been expanding into diverse businesses and incessantly looking for talented and committed individuals to join their ever extending family of professionals by offering varied careers in Africa across the continent and around the World.

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