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Seven Up Bottling Company PLC:

The Seven-Up bottling company Plc is one of Africas largest employers and the largest independent manufacturer and distributor of the well-known and widely consumed brands of soft drinks in such as Pepsi, 7UP, Mirinda, Teem and Mountain Dew, which they produce in their present 9 manufacturing plants. They have created 3500 jobs in Africa.

Seven-Up has been creating jobs in Africa since the inauguration of its first bottling unit in 1960. As of today, the company has its Headquarters in Beirut and operational base in three African countries; Nigeria, Tanzania and Ghana creating vacancies in Africa for professionals to build their career in East and West Africa.

As the company also market their products through their 200 plus distribution centres they have many vacancies in various roles and constantly recruit for senior, middle management and executive level Jobs to handle their operations.

They believe in the power of team Commitment and individual ownership.  Teamwork, integrity, recognition of achievements made by employees and trust in employees make them and an attractive organisation to build a career in Africa.

Seven-Up has always believed that its strength lies in the talent it attracts and retains. They believe in employee strength and giving employees a chance at exciting career opportunities in Africa.

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