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Mohinani Group:

The Mohinani Group is a leading second generation family business group of Indian descent in Africa. It has created 3,000 jobs in Africa in its multi-sector operations ranging from manufacturing of packaging & plastics to trade & distribution in chemicals/polymers/consumer durables. The group has a key position within its respective business segments across several countries on the African sub-continent from Ghana to Kenya and has numerous vacancies in Africa, including Western Africa and Eastern Africa.

The group first created jobs in Africa with it’s flagship Poly Products (Ghana) Limited in manufacturing film packaging. It’s success encouraged them to expand rapidly into other segments including woven sacks, flexible and rigid packaging, storage tanks, corrugated boxes and pipes, and subsequently in other neighbouring countries. Their diverse range of operations and continuous growth has created many vacancies in Africa within the group for senior management, middle management and executive levels.

The group also has established international trading operations in Asia – in Hong Kong and Taiwan along with partners. Since these units trade very actively with Africa, primarily in consumer durables and general goods, there are always executive job vacancies for talented professionals looking for new and exciting career opportunities in Africa with the Mohinani's.

Being a multi-business group means they recruit for various positions across various disciplines in their operations in Africa. Being part of the Mohinani Group is an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience to help build a career in Africa. Their objective is to build strong teams in the various different business segments whilst providing each member a strong sense of achievement and job satisfaction.

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