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Infinity Tyres:

With a presence for 30 years in the Nigerian market with world renowned brands in Car tyres, OTR tyres and Batteries, Infinity motors has gained the confidence of motoring public in Nigeria and Ghana. Keeping pace with innovation in technology they offer a cluster of services with use of various latest computerised and time saving equipment for Tyre servicing creating Technical and IT jobs in Nigeria and across Africa.

They not only provide services to the local motorist in the region but have also joined hands with huge fleet companies to provide tyre Management solutions attracting qualified candidate with a tyre service background in order to fill in Service centre jobs in Africa.  As the Company spans across West Africa they have been continuously adding to their team of experts and professionals by creating more Jobs and Vacancies in Africa particularly in Nigeria and Ghana.

Infinity Tyres as company are also committed to the Social responsibility by teaming with the Africa Government agencies and local Police helping to build a safe society.

With their vast operations around Africa and their appealing Compensation and healthy work environment they have attracted not only the talented locals but also expatriates to join them. 

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