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Federal Group:

Having a presence for over 40 years with an estimated turnover of approx. USD 13 million and operations in Sulaimani, Erbil, Baghdad and Basra, Federal Group has been growing consistently. It is an Iraq based privately owned group of service Companies, mainly into Oilfield services, Supply and support of engineering equipment, Complex construction projects, Logistics creating careers for Engineering Jobs and Construction Job in the Middle- east. 

With their intimate knowledge of the unique Iraqi market, working environment and business culture, coupled with their extensive international experience and corporate structure they constantly are on a lookout for new Talent to join their team of Experience highly skilled professionals. With their varied exposure in different countries and a lifetime of experience in joint Ventures and partnership, Federal Group has made a mark as an exceptional organization to work with attracting more and more Expatriates to join their Group.

By undertaking numerous successful projects they have established a leading position in the industries they serve and have subsequently opened new job opportunities in the Middle East in the Oil and Gas Sector, Transports, Construction etc.

With its subsidiaries and partnership located all over Iraq they are continuously creating more vacancies in the Middle-East to add to their growing ship.

Click here for more information regarding careers with Federal Group and their subsidiaries.