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Dana Group Nigeria:

Dana Group is an integral part of the Nigerian economy - it is a commercial, industrial and service-orientated organisation, positioning itself as one of the leading business houses in Nigeria creating jobs in Nigeria for locals as well as expatriates.

Dana with its diverse business portfolio offers excellent careers in Africa and continually creates vacancies in Africa in sectors such as Air and Automotive, Chemical, Electronics, Instant Foods, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Rice and Steel.

With Dana, there are opportunities for Executive careers in FMCG, chemicals as well as dealership and distribution of cars and electronic equipment and appliances.

The Group's ambitious and continuous diversification creates a constant requirement for senior and  middle management  executives  in various roles across various sectors of their operations. 

Dana knows the importance of competent, qualified and experienced executives to build a successful business. They are constantly offering and recruiting for challenging assignments across all sectors of its operations and for various roles in all disciplines such as HR, IT, Engineering, Finance and Administration. 

Dana has been rightfully been credited for creating new and exciting career opportunities in Africa. Dana has jobs in the Steel industry, plastics, trading and attracting top talent to build their careers in Africa.

The contribution of Dana Group to the strengthen the National Economy has been immense- it has created jobs in Africa for the locals, employing thousands of Nigerians either directly or indirectly and has dutifully established itself as a socially responsible organization. 

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