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Coca Cola Sabco:

Coca-Cola is the world’s most trusted brand name, with its commitment to quality, customer satisfaction creating jobs across the value chain worldwide including Eastern and Southern Africa.

From humble beginnings in Port Elizabeth in 1940 – where the South African Bottling Company (Sabco) was born – to its exciting expansion throughout Africa and into Asia (with a name change to Coca-Cola Sabco along the way), South Africa’s favourite beverages company has enjoyed an extraordinary journey.

Well aware of the strength of the name they are carrying, Coca-Cola Sabco are present in 7 East and Southern African countries. Their continuous diversification creates vacancies in Africa and provides excellent career opportunities for senior management, middle management and executive job level positions.

While recruiting for jobs in Africa, Coca Cola Sabco keeps in mind the importance of global best practice in terms of its entire value chain. Sabco engages the best of quality management, manufacturing practices, availability models. They attract the best of local and expatriate professionals to work with them and are a favourite career destination in Africa.

Sabco fulfils its social responsibility to the local community by creating vacancies in Africa for the locals, recruiting locals and driving locally relevant, sustainable projects that give rise to economic opportunities, improve the quality of life and foster goodwill within the surrounding communities.

Coca Cola Sabco is a major employer in Africa; it believes in people development, mutual trust and respect and commitment. It is an attractive destination for someone looking to build their career in Africa.

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