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Churchgate Group Nigeria:

For 5 decades, the Churchgate group, one of Nigeria’s, largest and most successful business conglomerates has been enhancing the productivity of Nigeria through multi-channel business industries by bringing value added services and jobs in Africa.

The group began as a major importer of textiles, construction equipment and construction material in the West Africa sub-Sahara region with an established distribution network, high volumes of business while creating jobs for locals in West Africa.

They believe that Nigeria is a high potential investment powerhouse for businesses and has excellent career oppurtutnies for qualified local and expatriate professionals to build their careers in Africa.

The group vast interests in Real estate, warehouse leasing, Finance, trading, logistics, manufacturing of textiles and bottling plants have made it one of the largest employers in Nigeria.

While creating vacancies and top jobs in Africa, The Group has earned its reputation for quality and will continue its commitment to environmental and ethical best practices. The Group's diversified portfolio is ideally positioned to take advantage of Nigeria’s economic growth opportunities and recruit top executives and create positions for new and exciting career opportunities in Africa.

With the group focussing on trust, transparency, good governance and employee strength, there is excellent scope to develop your career in Africa with them.

Church gate continually seek to increase the benefits for their shareholders, customers, communities, employees and partners and to continue creating jobs in Nigeria to help the local community in its economic and social progress.

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